Bosch WTW85231GB 8kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer

Bosch WTW85231GB 8kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer
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The Bosch WTW85231GB is a highly efficient tumble dryer that reduces your energy bills as well... more
Product information "Bosch WTW85231GB 8kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer"

The Bosch WTW85231GB is a highly efficient tumble dryer that reduces your energy bills as well as delivering great results. With heat pump technology and an 8kg capacity, it will take the effort out of drying your clothes.

Powerful Drying

Bosch’s WTW85231GB can hold up to 8kg of laundry and has a cycle for every type of fabric. There are 21 programmes to choose from, including:

  • High Heat
  • Low Heat
  • Sensor Dry
  • Cotton
  • Synthetics
  • Delicates
  • Sportswear
  • Towels
  • Shirts
  • Mixed Load

As well as a variety of options, there’s also a Quick Dry cycle which will dry a small load in just 40 minutes – perfect for when you need an outfit in a hurry. Plus, the freshen up function revitalises garments which don’t need washing.

It can be difficult to balance protecting your clothes with drying them properly – Bosch makes this a worry of the past. AutoDry uses special sensors to measure the temperature and wetness of your load for a dry that’s gentle and effective.

What’s more, ActiveAir uses heat pump technology to heat air and dry your garments efficiently. The warm air is recirculated and reused in the drying cycle, using less energy while still ensuring perfect results every time.

Bosch Design

This Bosch tumble dryer has a revolutionary drying system which can be used on the most delicate of fabrics. The SensitiveDrying System cares for your laundry perfectly by introducing mild, warm air from all sides. Coupled with soft, curved paddles in the drum, your clothes never lie flat. The result is gently dried laundry that’s soft and fluffy, and free of wrinkles.

The freestanding WTW83260GB makes life even easier for you with its self-cleaning condenser, meaning that you don’t have to empty or clean the condenser between cycles. A built in display and dial controls make it easy to use while the child lock will prevent any wandering fingers from interfering with the cycle.

Available in classic white, the Bosch WTW85231GB heat pump tumble dryer will make your laundry life easier. Get yours today.

Time Delay: Yes
Capacity: 8kg
Sensor Drying: Yes
Energy Rating: A++
Drying Technology: Heat Pump
Width: 59.8 cm
Height: 84.2 cm
Depth: 61.3 cm
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