Samsung HW_Q800TXU 3.1.2ch Soundbar

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The Q800T is a beautiful 3.1.2 Channel sound solution from Samsung. 3.1 is a forward sound... more
Product information "Samsung HW_Q800TXU 3.1.2ch Soundbar"

The Q800T is a beautiful 3.1.2 Channel sound solution from Samsung. 3.1 is a forward sound experience that delivers precise positional sound. However, with 3.1.2 you get an additional 2 speakers that fire upwards that help to provide one of the richest, most immersive sound profiles to date.

The upwards firing speakers help to enhance the experience with Atmospheric noise. Not only do you get precision audio but you can tell if a sound is coming from up above, for example, an aircraft passing overhead.

A total of 8 speakers along with the powerful 330W amplifier work to control the incoming signal to reduce distortion and provide a superior sound experience. The two outer speakers works to broaden the sweet spot experience and the centre speaker provides the best vocal clarity performance by being dedicated to dialogue.

High Definition Audio is next big audio focus for digital devices and the HW-Q800T is ready to deliver studio quality that is even better than CD.

The HW-800T also has built in Amazon Alexa seamlessly integrating the well known smart assistant into your home.

Upgrade your TV Sound

Connecting the HW-Q800T to your Samsung TV is as simple as connecting power and pairing up the sound bar to the television via Bluetooth which is just a single touch of a button. No additional wires meaning that this is one of the cleanest setups on the market.

The adaptive sound mode also builds upon the already brilliant experience by assessing the content playing while constantly adjusting to give you the best possible performance scene by scene. 

Bluetooth audio streaming from a bluetooth enables smart device is case of a one time pairing up and selecting the HW-Q800T

Dimensions: (H)60 x (W)980 x (D)115 mm
Ports: 1x HDMI, 1x Optical
Speaker Output: 330 W
Bluetooth Enabled: Yes
Dimensions (Subwoofer): (H)403 x (W)205 x (D)403 mm
Subwoofer: Wireless
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