Shark HZ500UKT Anti Hair Wrap Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner with Flexology & TruePet

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Introducing the future of corded stick vacuums, the HZ500UK features Shark’s latest... more
Product information "Shark HZ500UKT Anti Hair Wrap Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner with Flexology & TruePet"

Introducing the future of corded stick vacuums, the HZ500UK features Shark’s latest technologies for whole-home cleaning. With DuoClean and TruePet, it’s been purposely designed with pet owners in mind.

Shark Technology

Shark has equipped the HZ500UKT with lots of innovative technology, making vacuuming a breeze.

Discover Shark’s innovative DuoClean® floorhead. The DuoClean combines two brush rolls in one floorhead, gliding from carpets to hard floors effortlessly. The bristle brush cleans deep in carpets, while a second, soft bristle roll actively pulls in large and small debris and lifts stuck-on dirt from hard floors.

Tired of removing tangled hair from your vacuum’s floorhead? Shark’s Anti Hair Wrap Technology actively removes hair from the brush roll, so you don’t have to. A bristle guard and comb separates and removes long, short, and pet hair as you clean - any hair is sent straight into the dust cup, keeping your floorhead tangle-free.

What’s more, the HZ500UKT also features Flexology. At the touch of a button, this clever flexible wand bends easily to clean underneath low furniture such as beds, sofas, and coffee tables. Signature LED headlights in the floorhead help illuminate hidden dust, so you never miss anything. When you’ve finished cleaning, fold down the appliance for compact freestanding storage – no need for storage hooks or leaning against walls.

Added Cleaning

The HZ500UKT makes vacuuming more convenient, thanks to its design. It has a long 10m cord, which gives you plenty of cleaning reach. A long cord means less swapping between sockets, so you can finish the job sooner.

Alongside the DuoClean floorhead, Shark has included a range of tools to make everyday tasks easier. The Multi-Surface tool will make light work of cleaning up the mess on kitchen worktops and tables, while the crevice tool cleans awkward areas such as corners and skirting boards. Plus, there’s a dedicated Pet Tool that is designed to remove embedded pet hair from stairs, curtains, sofas and more.

This handstick vacuum also transforms into a lightweight, powerful handheld cleaner. The precision nozzle is ideal for quick clean-ups around the home without an attachment - you can even use it in the car.

Featuring a HEPA filter and coming in a stylish rose gold finish, the Shark HZ500UKT vacuum cleaner will help you get the job done. Buy one today.

Cyclonic Technology No
Additional Information Transforms into a lightweight, powerful handheld vacuum cleaner for easy cleaning of stairs, soft furnishings, and in the car
Purposefully designed for homes with pets: Precision nozzle lets you tackle on-the-spot cleans without an attachment.
Simply attach the wand in handheld mode to reach up high
Weight (Approximate) 4.4 kg
Number of Power Levels 2
Manufacturer Shark
Height 118 cm
Width 26 cm
Depth 41 cm
Product Type Stick Vacuum Cleaner
Filter Type HEPA
Floor Type Carpet, Hard floors
Attachments Crevice nozzle
Dusting brush
Pet Tool
Features Glide from carpets to hard floors with the DuoClean floorhead
Anti Hair Wrap Technology: removes hair from the brush-roll as you clean
Flexology wand bends to reach under furniture and folds for compact, freestanding storage
Easily moved from room to room with an extra-long 10m power cord
Pet Hair Cleaning Yes
Shipping Height 84 cm
Shipping Width 28.5 cm
Shipping Depth 21.5 cm
Dust Collection Bagless
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